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Biloxi blueberry plant 3lt

We supply blueberry plants to home growers in 3L bags.

The physical size of the plants may vary depending on the time of year.

Blueberries flower during the end of winter and have small bell like pink and white flowers.​

Blueberries bare fruit from the end of their first year. It is recommended that the flowers are removed in the first year to ensure a more vigorous plant for the following season. As the plant matures, the fruit starts clumping together and resembles grapes. Once mature, the plants can bare an average of 4,5-5kg assuming good fertigation and not over watering​.​

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You can plant your blueberry in a container or in the soil. Blueberries require well drained acidic soil. You can use a mixture of pine bark and sand. When planting in pots, use a 25L pot. Ensure that there are sufficient drainage holes at the bottom and lift your pot so that the holes are open. Be careful not to damage your plant’s roots when transplanting from the container you bought it in, but do massage them gently out of the bag form. It is recommended to mulch around the stem of the plant as the surface roots of blueberries are shallow and can dry out in the sun. Blueberries should be planted in full sun or dappled shade, they will not grow well in full shade. Your blueberry plant should grow approximately 1m wide by 1.2m tall.



Rain water is the best for any plant, but if you are in an area where rain is scarce then you should water your blueberry plant about 3 times a week. It is important not to over water. If your plant is in a container make sure to check the drainage holes regularly as waterlogged roots are fatal to any blueberry plant. The soil must only be moist, never wet.

Using municipal water can result in yellow ridges on the leaves due to high levels of chlorine


The best time to start feeding your blueberry plant is in late Spring. It is advisable to give it a good feeding every 3 weeks, until late Summer when the plant goes into dormancy for the colder months. You can order a well balanced liquid fertiliser from us in our online shop. A liquid fertiliser is recommended, as you want the nutrients to go directly to the roots. Don’t use traditional NPK mixtures as they typically are high in salts which will kill your plant.


After you have harvested your blueberries and the plant starts going into winter dormancy, you can give it a light prune. Try to prune away thin, inferior shoots and do a light tip prune. You can place some organic mulching around the stem again. It is quite normal for the plant to lose its leaves during winter.

Minimum order of 7 Plants @ R950.00 includes courier.